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Today's vehicles need a higher quality fuel to operate at peak performance.  CENEX TOP TIER DETERGENT GASOLINE goes beyond EPA minimum detergent requirements, containing a premium additive package that exceeds industry standards for improved fuel efficiency and engine performance. 

With Cenex Top Tier Gasoline you'll benefit from:

* Improved fuel economy

* Restored Engine Power

* A smoother running engine

* Minimized emissions

* 2.5X the cleaning power of regular fuel, which removes deposits left behind by other gasoline and cleans dirty intake valves and fuel injectors  

Cenex Top Tier Gasoline is recommended by seven of the world's top automakers for both new and older models. 

The Top Tier detergent package is blended into every gallon of Cenex brand gasoline, across all octanes.


Top Tier Ethanol Blended Gasoline: Ethanol is one of the most popular alternative fuels in the country. Made from renewable, domestic resources such as corn, ethanol is traditionally blended with petroleum fuel in a mixture of 10% ethanol and 90% gasoline called E-10. Ethanol-blended fuel has a higher octane and produces fewer harmful emissions.

K & H Cooperative is proud to offer E-10 at all our locations.  We also have E-15, E-30, and E-85 at Algona Classic Stop. 
Our Buffalo Center location offers even more options with E-15, E-30, E-50 and E-85.  


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