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When homeowners choose K & H Cooperative for their source of propane, they get comfort that's clean, efficient, reliable and affordable.
For furnaces, fireplaces, cook tops, water heaters, or grain dryers, propane from K & H Cooperative is the obvious choice. 

Contact K & H  Cooperative to learn more about the many advantages of purchasing propane from a Cooperative you can trust. 
Contracting propane ahead of the drying or heating season protects the customer from price increases that may occur.  Call about options.

Our propane service technicians install tanks, dig in lines, service hog barns, garage or shop heaters, perform leak checks, and hook propane systems to grain dryers.

If you smell propane in your home: 

DO get everyone out of the home and away from nearby areas.

DO NOT attempt to find the leak. 

DO NOT attempt to repair your appliance or light your pilot light.

DO NOT turn on or off light switches inside the home (this can cause a spark).

DO NOT use a telephone inside the home or in nearby areas (this can cause a spark).

DO NOT light matches anywhere inside or near the home 

DO attempt to shut off valve(s) at the tank 

DO call K & H Cooperative at 1-800-244-6101 and the fire department for help from a telephone away from the home and nearby area.


To view K & H Cooperative's Propane Delivery Plans, Click Here

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